A Spanish film critic (Made In China blog) reviews San Lazaro!

A review of the movie San Lazaro was found in this elusive film blog of a Spanish film critic. Read on! (Translated via Google Translate.)

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San Lazaro (2011)

Starring: Ramon Bautista

Genre: Comedy / Horror.

Far from the splendor of the studios that made prolific Philippine cinema over the past decades, new generations seem to be hit hard with productions (even more) under budget.

San Lazaro seems to be the definitive Filipino cult-movie in recent years, an unclassifiable property midway between bizarre films like Birdemic: Shock and Terror and the filmography of instrumental guerrilla filmmaker Alex Cox.

The film, starring the director, who double-hats as producer and screenwriter as well, is rare. Very rare.

San Lazaro is a road movie that posits the possibilities of how one will help a friend bring his possessed brother to an exorcist. So far, the oddities do not begin there; all is normal.

Rather, the amateur-flavored bizarreness comes with its storytelling style, one that can be chalked up to its team of creators. There are characters that make absurd non-sense, which at times challenges the logic of gender. There are pathetic fight choreographies that can never be taken seriously.

It’s one of those movies that one would not know if the creators are laughing in your face or is just the common goods of avant-garde cinema.

Best: The wonderful award-winning opening credits sequence.

Worst: Having to wait to see the next movie of these guys to really know if the flute sounded by chance.

Score: 6.5/10


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